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It’s an uncomfortable fact – bugs are everywhere around us – at all times of the year. You want to control them, so that they remain away from your home and property. And that is what you have to do – control them. It isn’t a matter of a onetime treatment when you see a colony of ants outside your door, or a mouse shows up in your garage. Keeping pests out of your home requires a plan that first identifies the problem, treats for it, and then maintains a treatment plan to keep them under control.

If you are looking for pest control Minneapolis, you want an educated, professional with an excellent reputation, such as Metro-Pest Management. They have provided exceptional service for over 20 years in the area, and are knowledgeable about the type of pests commonly found in this locale.

Unwanted pests can reproduce at an alarming rate, making it impossible to eradicate them with one treatment. Metro-Pest Management can set up one of several programs for you where you will receive continuous treatment throughout the year to help destroy not only th pests you can see, but also their nesting areas. They will explain to you wht areas they will be treating and why, and what type of pest control products they will use. They will offer you the option of using eco-friendly products, which don’t damage your home or the environment, if that is your preference.

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Trained technicians know how the products they are using work, and where to place them for maximum effectiveness. When it is necessary for them to use a product that can be hazardous, they have the knowledge to use it in a manner which poses no threat to your home or family.

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They will guarantee their work, and monitor areas that have been treated to be sure the pests don’t return. They have confronted infestations of the known pests in the area, and are prepared to deal with them with the appropriate measures.

Spring brings beautiful weather and green lawns after a harsh winter, but it is also the time when you begin to see signs of bees, spiders and ants. It’s the perfect time of year to start your pest control in Minneapolis, and get a jump on the bugs that will soon be looking for a new home! Your yard can also draw large numbers of insects during the spring and summer season, and you will want to have it treated at the same time.

For the best pest control Minneapolis has to offer, call Metro-Pest Management today.

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