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Why Use a Professional Bug Exterminator?

Getting rid of insects and other pests in the home and yard can be a lengthy process – it isn’t often completed in a single step. Using a professional bug exterminator can make the process easier and more effective, although you can attempt to do the job yourself.

Ridding your home of bugs can mean using a multi-faceted approach. You may need to use poisonous baits or sprays, set out traps, and of course put into effect any possible preventative measures.

Exterminators Eliminate the Source!

Many bugs and other pests can invade your home, but the most difficult to eradicate are those which live in colonies, hives, nests or other large breeding groups. Ants, roaches, fleas, bees, wasps and hornets are among this type. All of these species can be eradicated with the proper comprehensive program carried out by a competent professional.

Ants enter your home in a search for a regular food supply source. They prefer sweet foods, and can often find their way into a bag of sugar, cookies or candy. You can help prevent this by placing these items into a sealed plastic or metal container. They are also often found in sinks and tubs, looking for a source of water. Drying these areas after use can remove their water source. Liquid or gel baits, placed out of the reach of children and animals, should be located where ants have been observed. The back of cabinets and behind refrigerator and stove are good locations.

An insecticide spray, specially formulated for use with ants, should be applied around the exterior of the home, with particular attention to windows and doorways. A major step in the extermination of ants is a direct attack on their nesting area. You should attempt to locate every nest within 50 feet of your home, and pour the chemical granule pesticide directly on the entrance to the nest. A professional will know what to look for and where it is likely to be located, and will know the proper products to use for the best possible control.

Roach baits are typically used to exterminate these bugs, although sprays and dusts are also used. The bait commonly sold to consumer’s uses boric acid for the killing ingredient, which works well but takes longer and is not as strong as what a professional uses. A professional roach bait can contain an insect growth regulator (IGR), which has a low toxicity in humans, making it quite a bit safer than boric acid baits, and is more effective. A professional bug exterminator has the means to provide you with a bug free home at an affordable cost.

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