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HELP! I Need An Exterminator!

You have all seen the cartoons and comics where a woman jumps on a chair and screams “Eek!” when she spots a mouse. While this might not be a realistic scenario, the truth is, most of us aren’t happy when we spot a mouse in our home. Your first thought is probably “I need an exterminator!”

Why Should You Call An Exterminator?

The truth is, there are a lot of reasons why we don’t want mice hanging around – other than that they can startle you when they scurry across the room at an inopportune time!
A mouse infestation in your home can cause health risks that you may not have been aware of. Mice, and the droppings that they leave behind, are associated with various health issues.

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS), a disease which can be fatal, can be spread through droppings, urine or saliva. Exposure to mice and their droppings can be the cause of allergies, asthma symptoms and other asthma related diseases. The allergen which causes these can be found in the urine and dander of the mice, and can be found anywhere in your home where they have been. Those whose systems are immunosuppressed are most at danger from the allergens.

Of course, many individuals have always relied on that old tried and true exterminator for mice – the cat. Although this may be a good preventative measure, it is not one that can be counted on to eradicate your problem – and can have allergy sufferers exchanging one problem for another!

A professional exterminator with the pest control services of Metro-Pest Management can resolve the problem for you quickly and professionally, and can even do it with Eco-friendly or green products if you prefer. They can provide you with one time service if that is what you require, or set up a plan designed for your unique problems that will have you protected year round.

Good pest control involves first identifying your problem. Are mice the only pest that has invaded your home, or have you been acquiring other unwanted visitors? You will want someone to explain to you what steps to take to keep pests away, such as filling small openings with caulk and avoiding standing water spots. The service will than treat your home with EPA approved products to rid the area of the current pest problem, and then set up an effective maintenance program to keep them from returning. All of this will be done in a professional manner, by trained technicians.

Please call Metro-Pest Management today do speak with an experience exterminator in the Twin Cities area.

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