Why You Should Hire A Pest Control Company

Mice and rats, bugs, insects – do even the words leave you feeling squeamish? Most of us grow up hating spiders and all of the other “creepy crawlies” that tend to show up as spring and summer draw near. Of course, many of them have been around all winter, but more seem to show up as the weather warms.

What Can A Pest Control Company Offer?

Pest control companies can help you by exterminating these and many more pests. Many of us choose first to try other remedies for ridding ourselves of them, with varying measures of success.

Spiders, for instance, are something we just don’t want to have around! Many are harmless, but they are still a nuisance. We do our best to keep them at bay by reducing clutter – spiders prefer dark, quiet places, and are happiest when you provide them a great home-dusty basements, old furniture stored and never used, stacks of papers and other clutter under a bed. We keep the house clean, because we know that spiders feed on other small insects that are attracted to food scraps and dirt. We seal cracks and crevices where spiders might enter our home. When we see one, we chase it down and squash it as quickly as possible. Sometimes we resort to pesticides; however, since these are highly toxic, we prefer not to use them if we have pets or small children.

Or maybe you have noticed some black carpenter ants. They travel mostly at night from their nest (which can contain 1000’s of members) to a food source, such as syrup, honey, jelly, sugar, and fruit, and most kinds of meat, grease, and fat. These pests can tunnel through wood and do a great deal of damage to your home if allowed to remain. The worker ants are generally the ones you see, while the queen remains in the nest where she is protected. You can purchase bait for the workers to carry back to the nest in the hopes that the queen will be killed.

A better solution to your pest problem is to let pest control companies do the job for you. The trained professionals know the proper products and methods to rid you permanently of these pests, with no danger to you or your family. For an affordable rate, they can remove the pests and help you to keep a pest free environment.

When looking for a reputable pest control company, please keep us in mind and give us a call at Metro-Pest Management.

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