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Have you ever tried to kill a hornet or wasp with a can of spray, only to be swarmed by a whole hive of the pests? Have you tried to kill a mouse with a trap, only to have them simply move elsewhere in the house?

Ridding yourself of unwanted and disease carrying pests by using do it yourself methods and hazardous chemical sprays is possible, but using the pest control St Paul services of a company such as Metro-Pest Management can assure you of full extermination year round, and protect you from unsafe or harmful chemicals. They can deal with not only the visible pests, but also with the nesting areas, and also manage the inherent risks involved with treating them.

St Paul Pest Control at its Finest!

As warm weather again begins to make its approach, the hornets and wasps again start to appear. Many individuals try old time techniques to rid themselves of the pests – anything from hitting the nest with brooms, hitting them with a burst of a chemical spray, and even using fly spray with a lighter. These methods can leave you with stings or burns, and the wasps still buzzing around. There are many individuals who are highly allergic to bee or wasp stings; these can even prove fatal in some instances. Why take an unnecessary chance on your health, or that of a friend or family member, when calling on the services of an expert in the field can be such a simple and affordable plan?

A professional pest control service can rid you of them, and maintain control so that they do not return. The technicians are properly trained in the methods and products needed to eradicate these and other pests. You can arrange an affordable plan that includes four treatments throughout the year, so that your home and properly are inspected, treated and monitored for re-infestations. The service is guaranteed, and treatment can even be completed using Eco-friendly products if you are concerned with the effects on the environment.

Wasps and hornets are not the only pests which can invade your yard and home. Ants, mice, spiders and roaches are all looking for new homes! Many of these are known to spread disease, and can also cause allergies and asthma attacks. Removing as many, if not all of them, from your home is a great aid in protecting your family’s health.

When ready to rid yourself of these nasty pests, call the pest control St Paul professionals of Metro-Pest Management today.

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