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The Proper Pest Control

You stumble out to the kitchen in the middle of the night to get a glass of water, and see this bug scurrying across your counter. It is about 0.51 in long, dark brown, and appears to have wings. You recognize it as a German cockroach, and the first thing you think of is “I need to get rid of this quick – I need pest control!” None of us are comfortable with insects, and particularly not in our kitchen.

You also know that is you see one, the likelihood is that there are more hiding. You can of course attempt to rid your home of them on your own, using insecticides from a local store. There are all types of baits available, as well as aerosol sprays and space sprays. Diatomaceous earth is frequently used – it is harmless to humans and works well. However, many of the sprays and baits are toxic to humans and must be used with great care, particularly if you have children, pets, or an elderly family member in the home. It is often much more effective to contact a professional pest control provider, who is knowledgeable about the proper techniques of exterminating your home. He can not only rid your home of the insects, but help you to keep out further infestations.

However, roaches are very hardy – they can be very difficult to get rid of, and have been around for millions of years. They love being inside your home – they don’t like the cold – and will invade your kitchen, damage books and papers, and spread germs. The female can lay up to 400 or more eggs in her lifetime, and they can survive up to 45 days without food or 45 minutes without air.

Roaches have been linked to both asthma and allergic reactions in humans, so getting good pest control in place is important.

Metro-Pest Management can offer you many options for controlling your pest problems, and can offer Eco-friendly or green pest management services if you prefer. They are aware that although all of their products are EPA certified, many individuals are concerned with more eco-friendly options.

Keeping your home free of unwanted pests is something we all want. It is better for your health and well being, and keeps your home safe from insect damage. Making use of good pest control just makes good sense!

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